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Retro Bathroom Design Ideas

It doesn’t matter what you call it…”Updated Retro” or “Modern Vintage,” but it’s pretty obvious that the design world is going backwards…well sorta…but in a good way.

We are currently in the midst of a Twilight Zone of design, where old is new and somehow modern. It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly started this trend, but the modern retro style of design is literally everywhere you look. Have you ever wondered why shows like Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire are as popular as they are? Or why the latest rendition of The Great Gatsby took in over $300 million at the box office? Or why artists like Bruno Mars sell over 8 million albums worldwide?

It’s because each form of entertainment successfully took a popular trend from past generations and modernized it for today’s audience to enjoy. Sure, it’s a basic principle, but a principle that can easily go awry if not done correctly.

But have no fear, because that’s why we are here, to be your mystic guide in designing a modern retro bathroom. Because let’s be honest, if anyone knows anything about vintage designing, it’s a company that has been around for nearly 145 years.


Choosing the right fixtures for a modern retro bathroom is key. If you have a retro designed bathroom with a modernized faucet or shower head, the entire atmosphere of your bathroom will be askew. If you use a shower head or faucet that is a bit too ancient looking, your bathroom will be prehistoric and off-putting.

At Speakman®, we specifically design fixtures for this genre of fashion. The Anystream® Retro™ and Vintage™ shower heads feature a timeless 1920’s design, but with a modernized updates on their solid brass frame. The Anystream® Vintage™ shower head features a distinct, octagonal design, whereas the Anystream® Retro™ shower head embodies the true elegance of the “Roarin’ 20’s” with fluid, era-inspired curvatures.




source: Houzz.com

Get rid of the plastic…Instead, add glass bottles and jugs to be featured as containers for your bathroom’s accessories. The use of glass provides a more rustic, aged looked, and it’s also a relatively inexpensive option for bathroom canisters.


A charming approach to a modern retro bathroom is to strip your wood cabinets of the paint it currently has, or find cabinets that have a natural aged look to them. Also, use colors that are reminiscent of specific time periods, like the photo above which features an aged aqua-marine finish, or even an off  white featured on the fixture below.


source: Houzz.com

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For more modern retro bathroom fixtures, please visit here.

Why Pop Culture Is Obsessed With The 1920’s

The lights, sounds, music, drinks, art, fashion, flair, mystery, excitement, decadence, exuberance. Everything about the 1920’s has our undivided attention. Our culture has become, and we say this mildly, obsessed with this decade. So much so, that it can be found in today’s music, film and even fashion.

But why the 1920’s? Why is it that over 4 million of us tune in to watch the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire? Or why the latest rendition of The Great Gatsby drew over $300 million at the box office? Why is it that this short decade in our country’s history tends to continually reinvent itself regularly? And most importantly, why do we become obsessed by it?

We, at Speakman®, think there is a level of appeal in something so taboo. A lifestyle of excitement, sneaking into speakeasies and dancing to jazz until the wee hours of the night. We also think that there is something to be said of a culture that is so similar to the one we live in today. Sure, the 1920’s were simpler in comparison to all the technological advancements we see today, but the technological advancements that occurred in that time period still shape the way we live today. Could you imagine riding a horse everywhere?

There really is no right answer as to why we love the 1920’s, everyone has their own philosophy. But that doesn’t negate the fact that we at Speakman® have completely caught the 20’s bug…Which compelled us to design the era-inspired Anystream® Retro™ shower head and Anystream® Vintage™ shower head, which are crafted to mirror the timeless fixtures from the 1920’s, with a few modernized tweaks of course.


So bob your hair, put on the “Charleston,” sip a Mint Julep if you’re age appropriate, and read below all the reasons why we’re obsessed with the 1920’s in infographic format:

The Fashion:

Get-The-Gatsby-Look - Copy (2)

source: visual.ly

The Jazz Age:

source: visual.ly

source: visual.ly

The “Speak”:

Get-The-Gatsby-Look - Copy (3)

source: visual.ly

The Technology:

source: visual.ly

source: visual.ly

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Roar Back to the 20’s with the Era-Inspired Anystream Retro and Vintage 6-Jet Shower Heads

source: starpulse.com

source: starpulse.com

Imagine the roar from the trumpets vibrating through your chest. The slams from the snare pick up their pace, and the crowd follows suit with the shimmer of their hips. The barkeeper concocts the best “Gin Rickey” in town, and you can’t help but be grateful that you remembered the password that gained you access into the “speak” tonight.

The 1920’s, or the Roarin’ 20’s as many refer to it, may potentially be the most notable decade in our country’s history. Technology enhanced, artistic  expression blossomed and an air of freedom flowed through the souls of those who embraced this dynamic lifestyle.

And if you’ve noticed, there seems to be an undying love affair with this decade lately. From hit shows like HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” to summer blockbusters like “The Great Gatsby.” It seems that everywhere we look, the 1920’s are alive and well in today’s pop culture. And the world of design is no different.

More and more we are seeing designers apply modern updates to style trends from decades past. The result is a Twilight Zone of fashion, where old is new and vintage is modern.

So with that being said, we at Speakman® wanted to create the perfect shower head that appealed to this craze. A shower head that combined the timeless designs of the 1920’s with the modern trends from today’s fashion.

The result, the Anystream® Vintage™ and Anystream® Retro™ 6-Jet shower heads, a perfect combination of expert engineering, 20’s appeal and modernized elegance.

A “Roarin'” Design


You may or may not have heard, but we at Speakman® have been making shower heads since before the very first flapper bobbed her hair. So we took a look back at some of the historic fixtures we’ve constructed in our storied past, and we became inspired by two particular models…the Retro™ and the Vintage™.

Each model is practically mirrored from the Speakman® days of yore, but with a few modern tweaks.  The Vintage™ shower head features an era-inspired octagonal frame with crisp edges carved into its solid brass shell. The Retro™ shower head embodies the timeless elegance of the 1920’s with smooth, exquisite curves flowing throughout its frame.



You may love the design, but it’s in the streams of the Anystream® Retro™ and Vintage™ shower heads that will have you dancing the “Charleston” in the bathroom (just please don’t slip).

We took our famed Anystream® S-2252 Icon shower head and carved distinct, 20’s inspired designs into its solid brass frame. We did this so that the Retro™ and Vintage™ shower heads would deliver a bathing experience that words could never describe.

The Anystream® technology featured on both shower heads deliver an out-of-this-world, utopian experience. Think we’re kidding? By rotating the handle a full 360 degrees in either direction, you’ll be able to choose between 3 distinct spray patterns that suit perfectly to your desired preference.

Speakman’s patented plunger system ensures that regardless what your water pressure may be, the Retro™ and Vintage™ shower head will constantly deliver powerful, euphoric streams of water.

We may not be able to take you back in time, but we believe this modernized update is the next best thing.

For more information on the Anystream® Retro™ or the Anystream® Vintage™ 6-Jet shower heads, or any other of Speakman’s signature brass shower heads, please visit here.

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Designing a Designer Inspired Bathroom

It’s only been a few years since we began designing full, luxury bathroom collections for both the hospitality and consumer markets. We jumped into this niche because we felt that the market was missing something…cohesiveness. What does that even mean? It means that we saw consumer after consumer becoming frustrated after seeing these beautiful, bold bathrooms in magazines or online and having no idea where to even begin when starting one of these projects.

We found that a large majority of users were discouraged by the massive effort needed to design these gorgeous bathrooms. Sure it’s easy for designers, that’s their job, but for the average weekend warrior, choosing the right combination of fixtures to create a luxury modern bathroom can seem like a tumultuous task.

So we designed our Shower and Bath Collections to make design decisions easy. Each Collection is cohesively designed so that if you wanted a full bathroom rejuvenation, it would be beyond simple to select the right fixtures necessary for your particular project.

Recently, we released our line of Designer Inspired Luxury Bathroom Faucets that does not particularly belong to any of our existing Shower and Bath Collections. So, in an effort to not break away from our dedication to providing effortless, harmonious design decisions, this article is intended to inspire and assist in your venture into designing your luxury modern bathroom.


Trave™ Widespread Faucet




The Edge™ Collection


This is not a widespread bathroom faucet for the mild, but rather, a widespread bathroom faucet for the bold. For those who desperately yearn for a break from the ordinary. The Trave™ widespread bathroom faucet perfectly pairs with fixtures from The Edge™ Collection. The crisp, square frame featured on both designs provide a luxurious, modernized atmosphere to your bathroom’s decor.


Pearce™ widespread faucet




Neo ™ Collection


The Pearcewidespread bathroom faucet is the bathroom faucet of the future. In fact, this modern luxury faucet is so futuristic, it amazes even us that we designed it, and not an advanced life form from unknown galaxies. The fixtures featured in the Neo™ Collection embody the same modern design aspects featured on the Pearce widespread faucet, smooth curves, and crisp edges.


Rega™ single lever faucet




Anystream® Vintage™ shower head


Tea and crumpets? Some Grey Poupon? Another horrible cliche in an attempt to sound classy? The Regasingle lever faucet was designed to embrace the timeless grace of Victorian era style. The solid-brass, Anystream® Vintage ™ shower head, modeled after the elegance of the 1920′s, provides a level of modern sophistication for your traditional bathroom.


Martin™ single lever faucet




Tiber™ Collection


When we designed the Martinsingle lever faucet, we wanted to create a faucet that was bold and unique, but also featured a soft, subtle side. By taking a distinguished square frame and adding graceful curves to its lever and spout, the Martin single lever faucet can pair with fixtures from the Tiber™ Collection to add a touch of sophistication to your modern bathroom’s decor.

For more on our Designer Inspired Bathroom Faucets, please visit here.

The Luxurious Side of Mother Nature

Imagine a crisp summer morning, standing in the middle of your street, arms extended, eyes closed, as drenching downpours crash against your skin. Go ahead, spin around a little, become immersed in the torrential currents. Savor the sensation as if you were in a romantic comedy. It’s okay, we bet you deserve this momentary euphoric fantasy.

But why does this need to be an imagination when in actuality it could become a reality? When we designed the Speakman® Rainstream™ shower head, we wanted to capture the sheer force of Mother Nature encased within a luxury bathroom fixture. But we believe that even she could not conjure clouds perfect enough to produce the heavy rainfalls spilling from the Speakman® Modern Rain Shower.

For the weather is unpredictable, but with a solid brass construction, the Speakman® Rainstream™ shower head will always ensure an uninterrupted morning monsoon, regardless of whatever the weatherman decides to forecast. The Speakman® Modern Rainstream shower head is available in either a square or round design.


SWS-1003-BN_Waterslide-RainRoundNow, at Speakman®, we get a lot of questions regarding bathroom design. Many of our readers see these outrageously beautiful bathrooms and ask us if their very own bathrooms could could ever look like that. Or if it is even possible for them to affordably achieve a spa-like transformation without tearing up the entire bathroom.

So we wanted to help in this process. We wanted to create a shower system that would effortlessly and painlessly provide a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, without the messy and costly installation.

The Speakman® Rainstream™ Waterslide is the result of months attempting to remedy this situation. Combining our new Modern Round rain shower and Modern Square rain shower with a Neo™ Anystream® hand shower, the Rainstream™ Waterslide connects to your shower head’s existing water source, making installation painless.

The way the Waterslide works is water travels through the all metal post, and a simple flip of the diverter switch controls which fixture disperses the high-performance streams. The Neo™ hand shower, attached to a slide bar, can be easily adjusted to your desired height preference.

With the Speakman® Rainstream™ Waterslide you literally get the best of both worlds. The Modern Rainstream™ shower head delivers drenching, rainforest like precipitation. The Neo™ modern hand shower, equipped with Anystream® technology, delivers diverse spray patterns suitable to any bather’s preference.

For more information on the Rainstream™ Waterslide or the Modern Rainstream™ shower head, please visit here.

Introducing the Artistically Rejuvinated 2013 Shower and Bath Catalog from Speakman

Art. What is it exactly? How does one define such an extensive concept as art? Well, many would start by stating the obvious…paintings, sculptures, drawings, music, films, literature, etc…and they would all be right. But can inanimate, standard bathroom fixtures be considered as art?

Art, to us at Speakman, is intended to appeal and connect with human emotions. Therefore, can a shower head be considered a work of art? Silly question right? I mean it is just a shower head after all. But what if that particular shower head delivers a euphoric experience, spilling waves of blissful, powerful streams of water that have the capability to seduce your senses? Is it art then? And if it is, can a bathroom become a work of art? What if that bathroom is harmoniously designed to be the center of serenity in your household? Can it be a work of art then?

We think so. We think that the bathroom can, and should be, a work of art. A room in the home that ignites creativity, sparks inspiration and provides a seamless escape from reality. We, at Speakman, appreciate the power of appeal a bathroom can provide, which is why we strive to create elegant, stunning, luxurious Shower and Bath Collections that are cohesively designed to allow you to effortlessly redesign your bathroom into the work of art you wish it to be.

These Collections, which combine art and bathing perfectly together, need to be displayed in an artistic manner. Reluctance to do so would be an injustice to the fixtures we are putting on display.

So we took a standard, once ordinary piece of literature and gave it a much-needed facelift to coincide with this artistic approach we are taking to bathroom decor.

2013 Shower and Bath Catalog from Speakman:


Pages from RGB_ShowerNBath2013_SpreadsLR-2This new layout features cover pages dedicated to each and every Collection Speakman offers to the consumer and hospitality market, intricately detailing what design trends the given Collections belong to.

In addition, we’ve added beautiful, full bathroom photo shots to display how elegant the bathroom truly can be.

Every product featured within these given Collections are cleanly put on display, allowing readers to easily decide which fixtures they need in order to cohesively redesign their bathroom’s current decor.

In addition, this new catalog features detailed product maps,  allowing readers to see how and why our fixtures deliver blissful bathing experiences below.

The true rock stars, however, of our new Shower and Bath Catalog are our three new Collections we released in 2013, The Edge™Chelsea™ and Tiber™ Collection. Each Collection features distinct, unique designs aimed at completely jump starting your bathroom’s current decor.

When we began designing The Edge™ Collection, we wanted a design that would provide that “head-turning” factor in the bathroom. A collection of fixtures that would leave an impression on anyone who caught a glimpse of them. Each fixture featured within The Edge™ Collection has a very courageous, square design with sharp, crisp edges. We designed these fixtures to look like nothing currently on the market today.

We took a similar approach when designing the Tiber™ Collection as we did with The Edge™ Collection. We wanted bold, unique fixtures for the bathroom that also maintained a soft, humble side to embody modern elegance. We took the same square frame that is featured on The Edge™ Collection, but we intricately etched smooth curves into its sharp boarders. The result is a completely original, totally organic design that defines luxury in the modern bathroom.

For the Chelsea™ Collection, we took an entirely different approach. We became inspired by the idea of combining timeless style with modernized fashion, much like the posh Manhattan neighborhood for which it shares its name. We crafted the fixtures in the Chelsea™ Collection to feature fluid curvatures throughout their frames to exemplify elegance in the transitional bathroom.

Pages from RGB_ShowerNBath2013_Spreads

If you’d like to download the digital version of our 2013 Shower and Bath Catalog, please visit here. For a physical copy, email us anytime at marketing@speakmancompany.com.

Happy Earth Day From Speakman!

Happy Earth Day everyone! For 42 years, millions of people around the globe gather on April 22nd to acknowledge, celebrate and protect the planet that we call home. And today, on Earth Day’s 43rd anniversary, more than a billion people worldwide are projected to partake in this year’s festivities, making this year’s holiday the largest one to date.

However, this year’s Earth Day is geared at a very touchy subject…Climate change. Often a hot topic, the subject of climate change can be heard from coffee shops to Capitol Hill. But whatever your stance on the subject may be, there is no denying the importance global temperature plays on our environment. In a study conducted by 350.org, in 2012, 3,215 “record high temperatures” were set in just the month of June alone. Furthermore, the entire year of 2012 saw a 17% increase in recorded record highs from the previous year and a 38% increase from the end of the 50’s. In fact, a report made for the World Bank states that by the end of this century, our planet’s average temperature will rise by a total of 4 degrees Celsius.

Soure: 350.org

Soure: 350.org

But what’s 4 degrees right? A 4 degree rise is no big deal, I mean, what damage could possibly be done by 4 insignificant degrees? Well, for starters, corals in our ocean could become completely extinct by 2100. Sea levels could see a rise of 15 to 20% in certain areas of the tropics. Droughts would increase in tropical and developing countries and large sections of Rainforests could transform into low biomass woodlands. These diverse ecosystems around our globe are extremely delicate, and even the slightest change in temperatures can be devastating to the environment, let alone a 4 degree increase.

These rises in temperature affect every living thing on this planet, from the tiniest ant to members of your own community. Rises in temperatures affect our atmosphere and weather as well. Since 2012, 13 extreme weather events like floods, heatwaves and hurricanes have been linked to an increase in global temperatures.

So we think it’s pretty apparent…

We humans are stinkin’ up the joint.

Soure: Sustainlive.org

Soure: Sustainlive.org

So this year, Earth Day has created a social campaign, “The Face of Climate Change,” where EarthDay.org will collect and display images of people, animals and locations that were directly affected or threatened by climate changes. But they need your help. They need you, the citizens of our planet, to be climate reporters. So head on over to Earthday.org to post your pictures and share your stories that show the true face of climate change.

So you’re probably asking yourself, “What does a luxury bathing manufacturer have anything to do with Earth Day?” Well, our wonderful, wasteful friends, we at Speakman share the same goals as Earth Day, and that is to create a sustainable world that all of us can enjoy. And one of the largest problems that face our planet is the wasting of our planet’s greatest natural resource…water.

The numbers speak for themselves, and those numbers are horrifying. Over 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe water supplies, and even more striking, over 3.1 million children die each year from water related diseases. And not to mention, in America we waste water more than any country on this planet. After digging around for some facts, we created this little infographic below to display how much water we are actually wasting:

image19.3 minutes in the shower Los Angeles? What are you guys even doing in there?

Anyway, we at Speakman work with various organizations, like WaterSense, to create incredible shower heads that disperse less gallons of water per minute but are still expertly engineered to maintain that same optimal performance. By switching to a Low Flow Shower Head, the average family could save up to 2,900 gallons of water per year, which equals to roughly 40 gallons per day. Not to mention, a low flow shower head could save about 2.2 billion dollars annually in American utility bills. To check out some of our specialized low flow shower heads that will save both water, and money, please visit here.

Other measures you could also consider taking would be to turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, which could save as much as 3,000 gallons per year. Or even taking shorter showers can save countless gallons of precious water. Our suggestion is to take the “One Song Shower Challenge,” in which you play your favorite song while taking a shower and try to finish up before the song ends…(rock ballads don’t count).

Alright everybody, Earth Day is upon you. It’s up to you to make a difference. But the point is to not just celebrate Earth Day today, but to make everyday Earth Day. That may sound cheesy to some of you, but if we don’t start taking measures to project our planet, we won’t have an Earth Day to celebrate.

So do something nice for Mother Nature, take a photo of her, hashtag that baby with #FaceOfClimate and send it on over to EarthDay.org so they can share your contributions to the world.

Are you doing outrageously awesome things for Earth Day? Let us know! Tweet us @SpeakmanCompany and tell us your story, we’d love to hear all about it.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Live on The Edge

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Do you see an adventurer? A risk taker? Do you see a daredevil? If you’re anything like us you start hyperventilating when standing in line for a terrifying roller-coaster. When you watch a horror film you jump in fright when the killer pops out of the closet to slay the unsuspecting victim. At the end of Titanic you’re balled up on the couch, swimming in an ocean of crumpled, tear-soaked tissues because why couldn’t Rose just make room for Jack on that wooden door looking thing…oh, that’s just us who does that?

Anyways…It’s time to take some chances. It’s time to step out of our comfort zone and take actions that will liven our souls, invigorate our senses and revitalize our spirits. It’s time we start to live on The Edge.

Woah, slow on down cowboy and/or cowgirl. We’re not telling you to find your nearest bridge, strap a rope to its railings, tie the other end to your feet and jump off of that baby like a renegade lunatic. So before you book your trip to Spain to run with some bulls, hear us out. We certainly don’t want you putting yourself at physical risk, but we would like you to take some chances in the bathing department. And no, we don’t want you to go shower-less for a week…because you’ll end up being known as the “stinky kid,” and nobody wants that (we hope).

No, our challenge in altering your showering lifestyle is easy, safe and illuminating. Despite being simple, this change can completely convert the ambiance of your entire bathroom.

So we ask you…Are you ready to live on The Edge?

If not then turn away now. Close this window and forget the words you’ve read thus far. But, if you are ready for change, if you are ready to revamp your lifestyle for the better, then stick around, strap on in because your mind is about to be blown.

S-3012-Edge-Black-02cWe hope we aren’t going to overboard, it is just, we at Speakman are just beyond excited to annouce our latest collection…The Edge (Ah, now you get all the “live on The Edge” talk). The Edge is the first of a series of exciting new collections being released by Speakman in 2013. Our researchers, engineers and designers spent months locked away in confinement perfecting the look, feel and design of The Edge shower head so that it would completely renew your traditional, conventional bathroom into a fresh, modern dwelling.

Let’s face it, our bathroom is our sanctuary. It is the one space in the home where we can find peace and quiet. Our shower is the hub of that serenity. You should be able to draw inspiration from your bathroom. The distinct contours from The Edge square shower head will provide that added pop your bathroom so desperately desires. But it’s not just about looks…it’s about performance. The Edge is eqiupped with the same patented Anystream 360 spray technology that innovated bathing nearly 100 years ago, allowing bathers to choose an unlimited array of invigorating spray patterns that perfectly suit whatever their preference may be.

S-3021Spray-3So we ask you…are you ready to take a chance? Are you ready to break from the norm and make a statement in your shower?

Are you ready to live on The Edge? Tell us about your transition into The Edge. Tweet us @SpeakmanCompany or post it on Facebook.

For more information on The Edge, please click here.

New Extended Hours from Speakman Customer Care

You’ve just bought a product. You’re excited, ecstatic, you’re enthusiasm cannot be contained. You rush home to play with it, assemble it, enjoy it…and then…it doesn’t work the way it was intended to. You’re frustrated, upset, disgruntled and heartbroken. You demand answers, you feverishly search the manufacturer’s website for the right phone number. You find it, you frantically punch them into your telephone. It rings, and rings, and rings and finally…a voice message. You deflate as you hang on to every word that the automated, computer-generated voice spills into your phone’s speaker… “We’re sorry, our offices are closed for the day. Please call back tomorrow,” the voice proclaims coldly.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve reached the point of no return. You’ve considered driving down to the manufacturer’s headquarters, finding the machine that’s responsible for creating that miserable computer-generated voice and going all “Office Space” on that baby. But instead you settle on writing a negative review on Yelp and you move on with your life.

But the damage has been done, all the positive energy you once possessed is completely thrown out the window. Your relationship with that company is forever destroyed. Lose, lose, no win situation for all those involved.

Of course, these instances can never be 100% prevented as offices are only open for a certain amount of time. But we found that at Speakman, these missed customer service inquiries were occurring due to us not compensating for our West Coast peeps’ time difference.

Well, Speakman has heard your complaints. We took our top executives and locked them in a room for days on end. We deprived them of basic survival needs until a reasonable solution for this dilemma was brought to fruition. After a few days spent in isolation, a couple of minor panic attacks and one rare case of Typhus (we’re still not sure how that happened), we think we’ve developed a resolution.

Are you ready?

Are you sure because it’s a pretty big deal?

Okay, cause here it is…

We will be extending the hours of our Customer Care Department to compensate for all our customers on the West Coast.

Now, now…please hold off all applause until the blog has reached its conclusion. But we know…we are pretty spectacular right? To our frustrated customers, you can now say goodbye to the days of automated machines and attempting to compensate for your differences in time zones. For the first time in your lives you can bid farewell to taking pictures of your lunches and posting them to Instagram…(it was worth a shot right?)

Below you can check out in more detail the specifics of our announcement:


We hope that this helps out in all of your future endeavors with Speakman. In all seriousness, we take your opinions very seriously, and we constantly attempt to achieve the highest quality of customer service possible to all of our consumers. Thank you so much for being a Speakman customer, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 800.537.2107 or email us anytime at customerservice@speakmancompany.com.

How to Make Your Bed- Hotel Style at Home

We have been blogging this year to show you the latest design trends and quick fixes to help you remodel your bathroom.  Hotel trends in the bathroom is a favorite topic and this time we wanted to leave the bathroom for minute and share a secret for also upgrading your bed to the same hotel quality.  We found a great image from Travel + Leisure Magaizine June 2012’s issue. Use it to make your own bed comfy and cozy- just like hotels do! Don’t forget to stock up on plush hotel quality linens and pillows!!

Travel + Leisure June 2012