How to Make Your Bed- Hotel Style at Home

We have been blogging this year to show you the latest design trends and quick fixes to help you remodel your bathroom.  Hotel trends in the bathroom is a favorite topic and this time we wanted to leave the bathroom for minute and share a secret for also upgrading your bed to the same hotel quality.  We found a great image from Travel + Leisure Magaizine June 2012’s issue. Use it to make your own bed comfy and cozy- just like hotels do! Don’t forget to stock up on plush hotel quality linens and pillows!!

Travel + Leisure June 2012


We Love a Great Deal… Especially on Shower heads

As the peak of fall arrives, time is spent at the orchards as the house becomes filled with an abundance of apples, pumpkins, squash, and fallen oak leaves.  The warmth from the fall colors helps to create that cozy feeling that is sought after every year. 

The Hotel Shower head S-2005-HWith the holidays approaching, saving money can be a favorite pastime for many. So, Speakman has decided to add to your daily deal cravings. It’s called- Fall Overstock Sale- For a limited time, Speakman is offering exciting deals on a few of their best selling showerheads!  This is the time to take advantage of the savings on massage showerheads that are in Speakman’s current offering.  The most coveted hotel shower head (S-2005-H) is being offered on for only $25.49.  This shower head has been used by familiar hotels like the Sheraton and Double Tree hotels.VS-3032

For the convenience enthusiast out there- a hand held showerhead is also offered at an extra discount.  Speakman’s latest Refresh Hand Held Shower is also available for only $25.49.  If you have never used a hand held shower before, this deal is definitely worth jumping on.  Handheld showerheads make a quick hair wash or tub cleaning a breeze!

S-3032For those who want the best steel, take advantage of the fixed massage shower head S-3032.  These massage shower heads are built with the famous Anystream technology for 360° of spray settings.  Rotate the faceplate between flood, massage and needle sprays.  You can grab this deal for only $16.49. 

Don’t forget!! For an added bonus, Speakman is also offering Free Shipping the showerheads that are on sale.  Use promocode SHIPFREE11 at checkout on

Own the Hotel and Spa Shower Head Luxury

Escaping to a hotel that caters to your needs is one of the best things to look forward to when leaving town.  Who doesn’t love room service, fresh soft linens, a daily cleaning visit, and a great shower?  Who wouldn’t love these luxuries everyday at home to offer to your family or guests that are visiting?   Ok, wishing for room service and maids may be a bit extreme but owning a hotel shower head is absolutly attainable.  Those who travel often know that hotels that offer the best experience also offer a Speakman shower head.  In fact,  some hotels even ask for an exclusivly designed showerhead.  The Westin Heavenly Dual Shower head was designed by Speakman to offer a manifold that holds two center massage jet showerheads offering 50 spray patterns each!

Resort shower heads that are featured in the Renaissance and Marriot are also made  by Speakman.  The S-2005-HB is one of the most highly demanded shower heads from Speakman.  It is equipped with the Speakman Anystream® technology.  With a slight turn of the handle, it is easy to rotate between a full coverage spray, gentle rain, or therapeutic, pulsating massage streams offering a combination of 50 sprays.  Add that to eight center massage jets to waken yourself up to hotel luxury.

Another one of the featured resort shower heads is the Speakman S-2252.   The Four Seasons, Fairmont and Inter Continental know the caliber behind solid brass shower heads.  This may be the most compatible shower head that is offered due to its timeless design and 5 different available finishes.  It is known as the Speakman Icon as it takes the legendary patented technology and offers a modern design.

Two shower heads are better than one!

When two minds come together- marvelous things happen.  Speakman believes the same marvelous effect happens in your shower when a dual  head shower head is installed.  The  Speakman Icon shower head is known for it’s timeless design and quality pressure delivery. It’s double the showering pleasure and act soon because rumour has it these treasures will eventually become unavailable in the U.S.

Who doesn’t love a little zen in the bathroom? Adding symmetrical dual shower heads against a slate wall standing upon river rock flooring will “wow” your guests!  It’s the little accents that make a huge difference when working with bathroom space that tends to be the smaller of rooms in the house.  Add a few bathroom suited plants, such as bamboo, and your new zen bathroom will be complete.

Another one of the famous double head shower heads  is the Westin hotel shower head.  This shower head beats all the rest due to its offering of center massage jets.  It was custom designed for the Westin to meet their “heavenly” expectations.  Take notice to the handles on these shower heads.  They are customizable so that each shower head can offer individual spray settings.  Customizable quality?- only from Speakman!

What Would You Give Up for a Luxurious Master Bath?

There are many homes with lonely guest rooms, offices, storage (aka junk) rooms, and porches; but, how many homes have the desired, impressively luxurious, large master bath? Think about it- we spend A LOT of time in our bathrooms.  Besides the obvious uses for the toilet, we look forward to entering our bathroom for a refreshing shower or calming bath.  For many women, it may be the hair and makeup room.   Even men spend a lot of time grooming in the bathroom.   However, the relaxation that could come out of transforming your bathroom into a spa-like oasis would be invaluable.   Ever think of breaking down that wall between the under- utilized space and the bathroom to create one large functioning master bath?  Spend some time this year on creating a room for yourself- not your guests, your piles of hardly worn clothes, or your stacks of paper.   By merging two rooms, you can have ample space to add a long vanity with double sinks, a private corner for the toilet, a full stand-alone tub, and a separate shower with the coveted shower-window.   It is no secret that the upscale hotels provide an amazing shower.  With a separate tub and shower, you can design your shower to give you the same hotel experience.  Try the Speakman combination showerheads with 12 center pulsating massage jets or the modern Rain Showerhead.  Or, add multiple Anystream® Massage fixed showerheads to give you an all over hydro massage.  After that, just add the details that will make this new space become a tranquil environment.  Think candles, floral enragements, perfumed soaps, soothing colors, and posh linens.

On an end note, do not forget about the great escape a master bath could offer you.  It is a sure thing that once you enter the bathroom and shut the door, your privacy will be respected.  Hiding place? I think so.  So, if the bathroom is the one and only place you can go in the house without getting interrupted, a larger bathroom with more amenities may just keep you busy for a few hours…

Dad Knows Best

Value the things your Father taught you- especially when it comes to home improvements.  Dads may not understand the reasoning behind splurging on new hair products; but they definitely know the importance of buying quality items for the home that are built to last.  Quality is what Dads are all about.  After all, they only want what’s best for us.  Turns out that Dad was right about pretty much everything, and for those of us who are lucky enough to continue receiving advice- take it!  Go ahead and put Dad to the test this year and ask him who makes the best quality showerhead.  Chances are he will know Speakman Showerheads, and his favorite will be the solid brass Iconic S-2252.  In honor of Father’s Day, Speakman Company would like to offer it to you and your family at 20% off. 

Here are the features that makes the Speakman Icon the best!

  • Anystream® 360° Spray Technology.  This means no more “click, click, click.”  Speakman designed the head to effortlessly rotate through the spray settings to give you infinite spray combinations.
  • Classic Style and Solid Brass Construction.   Buy this showerhead once, and keep it forever.  Its style will match any design updates for your bathroom and continue to look classic throughout your moving choices.  Solid brass construction means top quality.  This showerhead is more than dependable.
  • Adjustable Jets Produce Full-Body Sprays.  To be exact here- 6 plunges with 8 sprays each equal 48 adjustable sprays!
  • Speakman Plungers Deliver Great Intensity at Any Water Pressure.  This showerhead has a low-flow version available that is WaterSense® Certified.  So, if you want to be eco-friendly and not give up powerful jets- this shower head is for you! 

Hotel Luxury at Home

We all need a little vacation sometimes.  Well, how about a mini vacation every morning??  Our time in the bathroom may be the only time that we can go into a room, shut the door, and not be bothered.  Add a few hotel amenities in your bathroom and you might find yourself escaping into your own paradise.  The idea is great!  It’s the little things that count… remember the soft bath linens, relaxing scents, amazing massage shower, and oh yea- the cleaning lady.  Although, I can’t recommend a built in automatic cleaning, I can recommend ways to improve the luxuries of your bathroom…   

There are a few popular hotels that specify Speakman Showerheads due to the unbeatable pressure, quality of the product, and customization options of the spray.  Crown Plaza Hotels and Resorts chose the Anystream® Hotel 50 Spray Showerhead (S-2005-HS).  This showerhead was designed with a modern update and still has 50 powerful body sprays, 8 center pulsating massage jets, and an adjustable T-handle.  Marriott Hotels & Resorts and Renaissance Hotels & Resorts chose similar showerhead with a more classic design.  The Anystream® Hotel 50 Spray Showerhead (S-2005-HB) will grant you the same showering pleasures of 50 full body sprays and 8 center pulsating massage jets.  One of the more popular of showerheads that is found in many of the world’s finest hotels is the Anystream® Hotel Showerhead (S-2005-H).   The DoubleTree Hotels, Atlantis Casino Resort, and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts all agree that this Speakman showerhead pleases their guests the best! The Westin Hotel took a different spin on this shower head and asked for a custom designed version.   They chose to stand apart from the rest by offering double the pleasure.  The Westin® Heavenly Shower (S-2222-HS-CP) is dual fixture where each showerhead offers 50 unique sprays and 8 massage jets.  The twin heads can be positioned in unison for concentrated streams or separately for any variation of spray combinations. The Wyndham, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, and Fairmont Hotels all went for Speakman Iconic showerhead.  This solid brass Anystream® Icon Designer Series 48 Spray Showerhead (S-2252) was designed to impress and definitely built to last. Speakman designed a pressure- compensating Autoflo® limiter that controls 6 jets to offer 48 spray channels.  The adjusting arms allow you to effortlessly transition through needling full body, rinsing gentle rain, and drenching full-flood sprays. 

Now that you chose your perfect hotel showerhead, you can guarantee a great shower and relaxing massage options.  Add your other favorite hotel luxuries and then lock the door and escape into your own oasis…

The Westin Heavenly Hotel Showerhead

The Westin Hotels are recognized for offering their exclusive amenities that create the well-known Westin Difference.   A stay at the Westin, will surely grant you the relaxation and rejuvenation that you look forward to while escaping the daily stresses from home.  After indulging in a tranquil massage, many guests look forward to a refreshing shower.  Fortunately, Speakman Company was able to partner with the Westin to customize a shower head that joins the Heavenly collection.    And, heavenly is just the word to describe this showerhead.

Dont worry, your massage won’t end with the masseuse because the Westin Showerhead is a dual-headed fixture with each showerhead capable of 50 unique massage sprays.  That’s right, endless combinations are offered to give you just the right amount of pressure you crave.  The showerheads have a smooth turn T-handle that allows you to effortlessly glide through combinations of  full coverage and combination sprays, gentle rain, and therapeutic, pulsating massage streams.

The best part is, these showerheads are available for you to add to your own shower at home.  Just add this showerhead along with a curved shower rod, white tea diffuser, and big comfy brazilian cotton bath towels and you can experience the Westin Difference daily.

New Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It can sometimes be challenging each year to determine a new idea for a Mother’s Day gift.   We always want to impress our moms; so finding the perfect gift that shows our appreciation is very important.   This year, try to think of something that will benefit our special moms in ways that your love will be remembered throughout the year. 

A popular gift that mom’s always love is a spa day, right?  Well, how about a gift that offers her a spa day- everyday!  Create a spa-package that will give her a retreat in her own bathroom.  This is not the normal spa basket with luxurious soaps and shampoos that will quickly be used up before summer is over.  This is a gift that will change the appearance of her bathroom… 

Without a promise to remodel her whole bathroom, here are a few ideas that will make a big difference to her:

  • Showerheads.   The right shower head will start her day off refreshed or end her day relaxed.  Quality shower heads make the difference.  So, if your mom is not one to splurge on plumbing fixtures, a hotel quality showerhead will give her a whole new insight on the value of great showerheads.   Since we want to give her elements to create a spa feeling, I would try a Rain Showerhead or a Hand-held Massage Showerhead.   Complete this gift with a Dual Style Showerrod to really impress her.
  • Towel Warmers.  You know you’re in a Spa when you wrap yourself in a comforting, warm towel. At home towel warmers range in price depending on whether they are wall mounted or just plug into the electrical outlet.  Just pair this gift with a few soft and luxurious hotel towels and you are good to go!
  • Spa Decor.  Mom’s love decorating, so why not give her a few spa accessories that she can use to give her bathroom the feel that she is looking for.  Think of small items like bathroom friendly plants, pictures that show off a relaxing destination, a small counter top water fountain, new lighting fixtures, new blinds or curtains, and some soothing candles.

These gifts could also be the start to a do-it-yourself project for you and your mom.  How genuine would it be to give one of these gifts along with a promise to work with her in creating her ideal bathroom? Your siblings might just get a little jealous…

A New Look to the Classic Favorite

Great minds think alike. Speakman stands by the unbeatable pressure of the Classic S-2252, the most popular of the Anstream shower heads.  Additionally, there are many hotels that agree.  If you have stayed at the Wyndham, Radisson, Hyatt, Hilton, Fairmont, or the Four Seasons; you have experienced a great shower with this showerhead.  The greatest of all minds, the homeowners out there,  have also taken a liking to choosing the S-2252 for their own daily shower. 

Here’s why:

  • The body is a classic design that will fit practically any decor.
  • It is available in Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, Polished Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.
  • Speakman just revitalized the look of the face to now be solid in the finish of your choice.
  • Solid brass construction (need I say more? this showerhead was built to last).
  • Offered in low-flow 2.0 gpm.
  • consistently delivers the infamous Speakman spray, no matter the water pressure.
  • Anystream® spray technology that allows unlimited combinations of full body sprays.

 Polished ChromOil Rubbed BronzeBrushed Nickel