5 Mistakes You Had No Idea You Were Making In The Bathroom

Despite your best efforts, all your relentless expeditions through Ikea searching for perfect bathroom art, every bathroom lifehack article you’ve read online, all the hours spent researching the best shower heads… you’re still messing up in the bathroom.

And frankly, it’s downright disgraceful. We kid, we kid. But there are a couple of quick changes you can make to your bathroom routine that can quickly transform this room into a truly glorious destination.

Check em’ out below:

1. Finding The Right Temperature

Every morning when you wake up, you probably make that long, frigid, zombie-like trek to your bathroom just waiting to be defrosted by beautiful, warm water. And chances are you probably fiddle with your shower handle until you find that ideal temperature.

This daily game you play with your plumbing, however, results in countless wasted gallons of water. A simple trick is to either mark on your shower trim the point in which the temperature is perfect, or grab a pressure balance shower valve that will keep the water temperature consistent. Your bank account will thank you. Learn more here.


2. Built-In De-Wrinkler

How many times have you neglected the ironing of your work clothes only to be known as the slob of the office? Next time, hang your classy outfits up in the bathroom while you shower, they will be wrinkle free by the time you get out.

source: dry-iceuk.com

source: dry-iceuk.com

3. You’re Over Drying

Are you guilty of jumping out of the shower, grabbing your towel, and viciously drying your skin like it owes you money? Well take it easy cowboy, overly using your towel can result in skin issues and actually worsen dry skin. Next time, simply pat yourself down with your towel, and maybe give yourself some extra time to air dry.

4. Stop Using Your Hands As A Mirror-Wiper

I get it, as soon as you jump out of the shower you love to look at yourself all dramatically in the mirror like you’re in a TV cop drama. But every time you use your hands as the backside of a squeegee, you are leaving finger streaks all over that baby.

Next time, use a blow dryer on your mirror for just a few seconds to remove the fog, or consider grabbing this outrageous product below:

source: BaronBob

source: BaronBob

5. Your Bathroom Is A Ticking Time Bomb Waiting To Happen

Every time you walk into your bathroom, you’re subjecting yourself to the possibility of being injured. No seriously, it’s true. In 2008, 234,094 non fatal injuries were reported in the bathroom, and 81% of those are from slipping in the tub. So make your bathroom a non-slip room, and grab a kit here.

source: exmed.com

source: exmed.com

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Halloween Bathroom Design Ideas



It’s been well over 50 years since movie-goers worldwide sat in suspense watching an unsuspecting Marion Crane get viciously slayed by the hands of a deranged Norman Bates in the shower. The infamous Psycho shower scene, scored by the iconic “screaming violins,” still remains one of the most terrifying movie scenes of all time.

It’s no coincidence that horror filmmakers continue to use the bathroom as the climax for some of their most deadliest scenes. The bathroom is a location where we are both vulnerable and secure. When we are in the shower, we tend to sing as if no one is listening. The shower is a place where we lose ourselves in our momentary solitude. But the second that bathroom door pops open, we instantly startle.

Hitchcock played on these emotions when he directed Psycho. He made a nation become completely terrified by the thought of taking a shower. And it got us thinking….

We began noticing that when most people decorate for Halloween, they tend to leave the bathroom out of their design plans. And we thought that this was just an absolute crime against fright. Your bathroom holds the key to uncovering so many of your guests’ most deepest and darkest fears.

Below, check out a guide to designing the ultimate horror movie bathroom.

Shower Curtains

It only makes sense to begin designing the Halloween bathroom with the shower curtain. In almost every horror movie murder scene that takes place in the bathroom, it’s the shower curtain abruptly popping open that terrifies both the audience and actors alike. There are so many incredible shower curtains available that it was impossible deciding which one we loved the most.

Check out some of our favorites below:

horror-movie-themed-bathroom-0“Help Me” by Party Destination. Find out more here.

1370970875-horror-movie-themed-bathroom-0“Blood Bath” by Spinning Hat. Find out more here.

614Fiy5FckL._SL1500_“Wanted” by Present Time. Find out more here.

Blood Soaked Towel and Bath Mat

Truly shock your guests with these appalling bathroom accessories. Your guests will feel as if they’ve just walked into a monstrous massacre. Each accessory is expertly detailed to display the carnage you’d expect from a horror movie’s most gruesome scene.

1370970900-horror-movie-themed-bathroom-0“Blood Bath” by Spinning Hat. Find out more here.

1370970919-horror-movie-themed-bathroom-0“Blood Bath” by Spinning Hat. Find out more here.

The Final Touch

These horrid decals cling to any glass or non-porous surface. They add the last, and final deadly touch to your grisly murder scene. Stick them on bathroom mirrors, toilet bowl lids, or even bathroom sinks to really get a reaction out of your guests.

71Rb9e3EBjL._SL1500_“Halloween Clings” by Beistle Company. Find out more here.

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Children’s Bathroom Design Ideas

Attention all parents…It’s almost that time of year. That magical time when temperatures begin dropping, the sun calls it a night earlier, and the leaves start to change. That’s right, it’s back to school time…and how sweet it is.

Every time I think of back to school time, I instantly think of that one Staples commercial, where the mother enthusiastically rolls up and down the aisles as her kids miserably follow behind, while “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” plays throughout.

In that brief 30 second spot, every emotion that all parties involved experiences is perfectly summed up. The sweet sound of the school bus pulling up to the curve signifies freedom for us parents. To our children, however, that rumbling sound means summer is over, which is up there with Brussels sprout and Penicillin  on a list of things they love.

We think we have a way to change this mentality. This hatred kids feel for the Tuesday after Labor Day. And it begins in the bathroom

You’re probably saying to yourself, “How on earth will a bathroom make my child’s outlook on school change?” Well, think about it…where does your child being each and every day? The bathroom. And a welcoming, comforting, creative room could spark enthusiasm into even the most dreadful of children.

So, below check out some tips and tricks for designing a children’s bathroom.



Bold, Vibrant Colors

The use of bold, vibrant colors with distinct stripes appeals to both boys and girls of all ages. These Rugby Essential Wraps from Pottery Barn are perfect for a fun look in the bathroom. And they can be easily customized to add personality to their room!



Step Up

Adding a fun step stool to counters and vanities not only helps your little ones reach their bathroom accessories, but provides an adorable fixture to your kid’s bathroom decor. Available in nearly endless designs, colors and options, step stools can be found for any kind of decor.



Resourceful Creativity

There are plenty of household products around your home that you can use to enhance the creative atmosphere in your kid’s bathroom. For example, consider taking old toys they don’t use, like those large plastic dinosaurs, and drilling holes into them to create cute, creative toothbrush holders. It’s super simple and cost zero dollars!



Or take some Lego pieces and throw them into a soap dispenser for some added fun in the bathroom. Just make sure before you do any of these actions, you get your children’s permission first…



Every Child Is An Artist

There is an old saying that was thrown around by my professors when I was in school to be a writer, “A child’s attitude toward everything is an artist’s attitude.” I was constantly taught to think like a child. To stay young forever. There is nothing more pure, more beautiful than a child’s work of art. So, show it off! Frame it and hang it in their bathroom like the masterpiece that it is. Remind them to always stay creative. Not only will it bring character to the room, but it will bring a smile to their face every time they see it.



Break Some Rules

The magic about designing a children’s bathroom is that the only rule is that there are no rules. Go crazy. Have fun. Even ask your kids what kind of bathroom they want. You’ll be surprised on where their imagination can take you in your designing decisions.



Have any more ideas for designing a children’s bathroom? Let us know! Be our friends on Facebook and Twitter and tell us all about it.

The West Side Elegance of Chelsea, Manhattan

When we began designing the Chelsea™ Collection, we wanted to create a timeless design that was both elegant and sophisticated, but also modern and unique. We began by researching design styles that perfectly combined this old meets new mentality. We searched through time periods, fashion trends, pop culture. And when our feet finally reached the ground, we found that we landed in the historic, gorgeous, modernized neighborhood of Chelsea, Manhattan.

If you’ve ever been to Manhattan, and traveled along its bustling streets, and stood amongst the millions motionless, eyes to the sky, fixated on the wondrous skyscrapers, then an excursion to the Chelsea district would feel as if you’ve traveled to a distant time.

Founded in 1830, Chelsea, Manhattan is loaded with rich, rustic architecture, ranging from Georgian, Italianate, and Greek Revival designs. Today, Chelsea has become the center of the New York art world. And with the recent construction boom, Chelsea has seen an influx of new, exciting modernized structures lining its streets, establishing a sophisticated culture of contemporary meets timeless.

We, at Speakman®, fell head over heels in love with this culture. We became so inspired by its fashion, art, and trends that we sculpted our Chelsea™ Collection to embody the pure elegance of the Upper West Side.

With so much inspiration coming from this artistic stretch of city streets, we felt obligated to praise this neighborhood by showing off some of its most inspiring destinations.

The Antiques Garage

Located on West 25th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue sits The Antiques Garage, a two floor flea market selling everything from rare antiques to decorative arts. The Antiques Garage is the perfect destination to find transitional bathroom accessories that seem near impossible to find. And if nothing else, it’s always a scene, and you’re bound to find some interested characters and outstanding conversations.



Pace Gallery

For over five decades, the Pace Gallery has been a constant, vital force in the art world, and has introduced many of the world’s most well-renown artists to the public for the first time. Located just blocks off the Hudson River on 25th Street, Pace has been the home to some of art’s most notorious works from artists such as Pablo Picasso, Chuck Close and Agnes Martin.



Mantiques Modern

Welcome to the funny farm. Specializing in everything from industrial and modernistic furnishings to art ranging from the 1880s to the 1980s, Mantiques Modern is the place to go to find all things representative of Chelsea culture. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this shop looks more like a mad scientist’s workshop then it does a high-end boutique, because you may just find that one accessory that completes your bathroom.



Have any more must stop locations in Chelsea, Manhattan? Let us know! Be our friends on Facebook and Twitter and tell us all about it.


And don’t forget, all August long, any fixture from the Chelsea™ Collection is 15% off when you use the promo code “Chelsea.” Head over to SpeakmanShowers.com to take advantage.

You stay classy Chelsea, Manhattan.

Transitional Bathroom Design Guidelines

What is transitional design? A question that has plagued even the most veteran of weekend warriors for years. The term “transitional” has been loosely thrown around by designers, contractors and home improvement television hosts alike, with no true definition in sight.

The reason is because there is no true definition. Technically, transitional design is rooted in the moment, as in right now, as in while you’re glued to Twitter and Candy Crush. But in broad terms, it’s the perfect combination of old meets new, traditional marrying modern.

Now, this definition can scare the average do-it-yourselfer. Because on a hunch, we are going to guess that the large majority of people reading this article right now are not, in fact, professional interior designers. And that’s okay, you shouldn’t have to be a professional in order to have the bathroom of your dreams.

But fear not, below are a few quick, easy guidelines to get you started on your transitional bathroom renovation.

Color: Sophisticated Neutrals

Cream, white, tan, beige, black…these are the absolute musts for a transitional bathroom. The use of these colors, with a few warm, earthy vanities, provides a comforting, serene atmosphere, which is the essential backbone of transitional design.



Furnishings: Show Some Leg

As we said before, when you are choosing your cabinets, vanities, and mirrors, choose ones that feature earthy, wood tones to provide a comforting atmosphere. But furthermore, show a little leg. Choose fixtures, like sink vanities, that feature an exposed look. High impact, opened furnishings do a lot for the clean lined style of transitional design.



Decor: Shine On

Transitional bathrooms work because they have a natural, clean environment. Be sure to choose decor that allows natural light to bounce and reflect off your walls. That means chrome, steel, lacquer, glass, plastic and specifically chosen tiles to help enhance the illumination in your bathroom.

Chelsea Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Chelsea Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Accessories: Less Is More

In transitional bathrooms, we like to live by the rule of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). That means that your tacky bathroom sign that reads “Be a sweetie, wipe the seatie” has to go. Your transitional bathroom is not a chain restaurant. Instead, keep your accessories simple. Select accessories that add drama to the room, maybe a black and white photo or something abstract.



Are you starting a transitional bathroom renovation? Be sure to check out the Speakman® Chelsea™ Collection. Head over to SpeakmanShowers.com and use the promo code “Chelsea” to receive 15% off any Chelsea™ Collection purchase from now until the end of August 2013.


Shower 101: Handmade Soap For Men

Men. We’re tough, rugged beings who like watching Sylvester Stallone movies, attending monster truck rallies while eating whole pounds of hot wings simultaneously. We like to chop wood, lay lifeless on the couch, and if our lady friend’s car breaks down, we like to look under the hood and pretend like we know what we’re looking at.

But being a man can be tough, because in the world of bathrooms, it has become a women’s world. Which is surprising considering how filthy us men tend to get from doing our manly things. And we’ll bet that if you ask any guy, any guy at all, how much they cherish their bathroom time, they’ll put it up there with Sunday football and afternoon naps.

But like we said, the bathroom is no longer a cave for manhood solitude, where a copy of Sports Illustrated and uninterrupted silence was the highlight of our day. Instead we are filled with fruit scented body washes, countless numbers of facial cleansers and shampoos with names we can’t pronounce.

And unfortunately, it has left us men in a world of bathing uncertainty. Forcing us to test the choppy currents of shower products that aren’t quite designed with manly needs in mind.

Yeah, that’s right ladies, we try out your stuff when you’re not around. Wanna know how I truly pulled my groin? It wasn’t from my weekend softball game, it was from fiddling around with your exfoliating loofah.

But with all that aside, we’ve been seeing a huge push for organic, handmade bars of soap. Why? Because large, commercial soap companies remove glycerin molecules from soap to make room for chemical additives. It’s why soap gets a reputation for drying out your skin, because it’s glycerin that actually draws moisture from the air to your skin.

But for us men, unfortunately, many of these hand made soaps are predominantly…well…feminine looking. But have no fear! Because we at Speakman® have searched high and low, adventuring into the darkest corners of the World Wide Web to find some of the world’s finest organic handmade soaps for men.

BL Soaps- Primitive For Men



Do not adjust your computer screen or mobile device. What you see in front of you is in fact a stack of soap bars, and not delectable, chocolate swirl brownies. But they do look rather delicious, don’t they?

These Primitive For Men soap bars from BL Soaps blend warm woods, clean citrus notes, hints of close, anise and pepper together, and then finish it off with seductive notes of balsam and raw leather to produce a raw, masculine scent.

ManlySoaps- Dark Stout Beer Soap



Beer. The elixir of men (who are over the age of 21). What is more manly than throwing back a few cold ones with the boys? Nothing at all. So it only makes sense to have a beer scented handmade bar of soap, doesn’t it?

ManlySoaps craft all of their soaps with nothing but all natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals, colors or fragrances. Their Dark Stout Beer soap is nothing more than an exquisitely brewed, rich dark beer with the purest of vegan oils…resulting in a bar of soap that gives off an earthy, heavy, hoppy scent while you lather.

Pink Parchment Soaps- Surfer Dude Soap



Is there anything more refreshing than waking up at a beach-side home? The sweet smell of ocean air swirling past your nostrils. The hot summer sun peeking up over the horizon, reflecting across the ocean’s surface.

Pink Parchment Soaps have encased the pure essence of the ocean in each individual Surfer Dude bar of soap. Featuring a shea butter formula, this wavelike designed bar of soap contains five essential fatty acids, phytosterols, and vitamins E, D and A to produce a creamy, rich latter that resembles sea foam itself.

The Flannel Dog- Dark Coffee Soap



The alarm goes off, we groggily slam it shut (or for the modern man we unlock our iPhone). We stand up and zombie walk our way over to the bathroom. We turn the shower on and over estimate the rotation of the lever so that when we step in, the streams feel like Satan himself is seductively licking our skin. When we’re done, we walk out of the bathroom slightly less undead and rush over to the coffee pot. That sweet, warm concoction slides past our palate, and our morning routine is complete.

The Flannel Dog created a bar of soap that gets you to your dose of caffeinated heaven quicker. Their Dark Coffee bar of soap is like lathering yourself in an Italian roast, Dark, smooth, invigorating and completely addictive.

For more hand made bars of soap designed specifically for men, please visit here.

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Shower 101: Choosing The Right Bathroom Faucet

Long gone are the days where your bathroom faucet was there simply to moisten your toothpaste, rinse off your razor, or fill up your glass of water in the middle of the night because the walk to the kitchen is about as far as a walk across the Sahara. Today, your bathroom faucet is as much of your identity as the clothes you wear, the music you listen to and the car that you drive.

If you’re into design, your bathroom faucet, and your coordinating fixtures, are a further extension of the personality you’re establishing for your bathroom. And with the recent boom of new design styles, finishes and technologies, it’s super easy to be left behind in the design world.

So below, we’ve compiled a checklist on how you can expertly choose the right bathroom faucet that is perfect for both you, and your bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Faucets:

Rega Single Lever Faucet

Rega Single Lever Faucet

Single Lever Faucet:

Appropriately named, the single lever faucet, literally, has one single lever to control the on and off and hot and cold.

Speakman® offers single lever faucets in a plethora of design styles. The Rega™ Single Lever Faucet shown above exemplifies traditional luxury with a Victorian-era inspired design.

For more single lever faucets, please visit here.

Centerset Faucet:

Whether you call them a “mini-widespread,” “4” faucet,” or “centerset faucet,” these particular faucets are characterized by having the spout and handles combined together on a centralized base.

To check out Speakman® Centerset Faucets, please visit here.

Widespread Faucet:

The widespread and centerset faucet are very similar in design…two handles, centralized spout. However, instead of being combined, the spout and handles are easily distinguished by being independent from each other.

To check out Speakman® Widespread Faucets, please visit here.

Vessel Faucets:

Very unique, very bold, very distinct… The vessel faucet can be distinguished by having a large, single post design paired with a glass bowl sitting above a sink counter.

To check out Speakman® Vessel Faucets, please visit here.


Trave Widespread Faucet

Trave Widespread Faucet with Polished Chrome finish

There is no end to the amount of finishes available on bathroom faucets. The main thing to focus on when choosing faucet finishes is the make sure you are COHESIVE! We say that because we can’t tell you how many times we see shower heads, faucets, valve trims and every kind of bathroom accessory imaginable, feature their own personal finish. Just don’t do it…trust us, because your bathroom will end up suffering from a severe case of personality disorder.


Probably the feature that drives most buying decisions, style refers to both the aesthetic and functional design of the faucet. After you decide which faucet works for your bathroom (single lever, widespread, centerset, etc), you’ll need to decide the design style.


Usually uniquely shaped and differently designed, the modern bathroom faucet becomes a bold head-turner in your bathroom’s decor.

The Pearce™ Widespread Faucet below embodies modernized design with a futuristic frame.


Often a combination of modern meets traditional, transitional fixtures blend modernized flair with traditional elegance beautifully.


Elegant, sophisticated fashion. Usually utilizing timeless designs, traditional faucets are created to provide an everlasting appeal in the bathroom.

Pearce Modern Widespread Faucet

Pearce Modern Widespread Faucet

So what’s your favorite bathroom faucet design style? Let us know! Be our friend on Facebook or Twitter and tell us or about it!

Shower 101: Fixed vs Rain Shower Heads

The shower…our sanctuary for peace and serenity. The one destination in the house where we can escape from reality. A place where water, literally, crashes down upon our bodies and washes our troubles away. The very balance of our day hangs on the very droplets that spill from our shower heads.

A warm, soothing shower can boost your moral, cleanse your soul and provide that extra pep our steps so desperately desire. It’s the difference between strutting into work confident, or storming in as a living zombie, prepared to wreak havoc on the closest co-working standing in the way of the Keurig machine.

The power of a shower. It’s almost mystical the difference a perfect shower can make. We live and die with the streams that pour down on us. So choosing the right shower head is an extremely important decision.

But you have to understand that each and every one of our shower preferences are different. Some prefer powerful, intense blasts from our shower head, where others enjoy being fully immersed in a drenching downpour of steady streams. You can’t just purchase a shower head based on looks alone. Your shower head selection should be a combination of both appearance and performance, the perfect blend that defines your bathing personality.

But have no fear, because that’s why we are here, to help you avoid a money-wasting, time-consuming, happiness-killing affair. In this edition of Shower 101, we are going to explore which shower head is perfect for you… the fixed shower head or the rain shower head.

The Fixed Shower Head:

Tiber Fixed Shower Head

Tiber Fixed Shower Head

The original, traditional, legendary fixed shower head. The one that started it all. Do you have any idea how we used to get clean before them? Why, in your great grandpappy’s time, you’d sit in a metal tub and everyone in town would come over with a bucket of water and dump it on you, regardless of what the temperature outside was that day.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t all that dramatic. But seriously, before the fixed shower head, we were taking baths every single day to get clean. Think getting to work on time now is hard? Imagine drawing a bath every single morning. Woof.

Easily the most popular amongst genres of shower heads, the fixed shower head is a staple in most bathrooms today. Beloved for its stability, reliability and performance, the fixed shower head provides a perfect start to any morning. Another bonus is its price tag, as many fixed shower heads tend to be more inexpensive than other varieties of shower heads.

Cons? Its versatility. Many enjoy the hand shower over the fixed shower head because of its ability to be fully adjustable to your preference.

The fixed shower head shown above, the Speakman® Tiber™ shower head, is equipped with Anystream® technology to deliver a fully customizable bathing experience. A simple rotation of the Tiber’s faceplate allows you to choose between diverse spray patterns suited specifically for you. So if you’re into a fixed, versatile bathing experience, the Tiber™ shower head may be perfect for you.

For more amazing fixed shower head options, please visit here.

The Rain Shower Head:

For many, the rain shower head is beloved. For others, it is despised. We want to take this time to dispel any rumors you may have about the rain shower head.

For starters, many customer reviews we’ve read about rain shower heads mention a lack of performance when compared to fixed shower heads. They talk of how the streams that spill from a rain shower head do not deliver the same forceful currents as a fixed shower head. Well, for the naysayers of rain, we ask you this… How have you positioned your rain shower head? Because many rain shower heads are designed to be positioned directly over your body for optimal performance. We’ve seen that many users install their rain shower heads in the exact same position as their fixed, eliminating their full potential.

The Speakman® Round Rainstream™ Rain Shower is designed to completely drench every inch of your body with 12 patented Rainstream™ spray nozzles spilling 96 individual flood-soaking streams. If you’re interested in a euphoric, down pouring bathing experience, the Round Rainstream™ Rain Shower may be perfect for you.

For more drenching rain showers from Speakman®, please visit here.

Round Rainstream Rain Shower

Round Rainstream Rain Shower

So what’s your preference? Rain or Fixed shower head? Let us know! Be our friend on Facebook or Twitter and tell us all about it using the hashtag #FixedVsRain.

Modern Colors For The Bathroom

Stop being traditional. Wait…we are going to say that again so it sets in. Stop being so traditional! Okay, now we can move on.

Don’t get us wrong, traditional bathrooms are beautiful, and gorgeous, and elegant. But we are seeing way to many home owners installing unique, modern fixtures into their existing bathrooms without changing the overall atmosphere of the room. The result is a bathroom suffering from severe schizophrenia, it’s not quite modern, not quite traditional, it just…is.

We at Speakman® think that many homeowners yearn for a modern bathroom but become intimidated by the idea of a major bathroom renovation. Well, we are here to squash that rumor and tell you that all you need is a little color to change your perspective.

Bold, vibrant colors can go a long way in the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. The bathroom is ideal for experimenting because it is small enough to not be the center of attention in your household and if you dislike your renovation, it’s easy enough to amend.

So, with the release of the Tiber™ Collection, featuring a bold, square frame, we have become absolutely obsessed with modern bathroom designs. So we compiled a collection of our favorite modern bathroom designs using unique color schemes that will hopefully inspire you to step out of your own traditional-minded shell.

Lavish Lavender:

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

Tantalizing Torquoise:

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

Original Orange:

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

source: houzz

Have any other suggestions on using distinct colors for the modern bathroom? Let us know! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and tell us all about it. We can’t wait to hear!

Unique Modern Bathroom Accessories

Is there anything more alluring, more tantalizing, than the modern bathroom? We see them in movies and in the homes of celebrities and become completely enamored by the thought of calling one our own.

At Speakman®, we’ve become obsessed with the modern bathroom. There is something so hypnotizing by the unique fixtures, the crisp, clean colors, the bold elegance. Okay, so maybe we are a bit nerdy when it comes to the modern bathroom, but we know we’re not alone. This obsession with modern decor has swept through the world of designing, and millions of home owners worldwide are renovating their bathrooms with a touch of modern flair.

Now we know exactly what it feels like to begin a modern bathroom renovation. It can be pretty daunting. So we tried to help in this process by creating bathroom collections that are cohesively designed to assist in your decision making.

The Tiber™ Modern Bathroom Collection embodies the true essence of contemporary decor. We hang our hat on the fluid, bold designs featured in this collection. Featuring a distinct, square body with elegant curves etched into its frame, the Tiber™ Collection is unique enough to be the highlight of your bathroom while silently remaining sophisticated in its elegance.


But sometimes, even after you’ve seemingly covered all the bases in modern decor…the shower head, faucet, style, etc… It’s still incredibly easy to miss the little things.

And it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

So we wanted to help. Below is a compilation of some of the most forgotten modern bathroom accessories in the world of design. Adding these simple additions could potentially alter your bathroom’s entire atmosphere.

Toothbrush Holder:

source: allmodern.com

source: allmodern.com

Generally, this is not the accessory you think of when you’re designing your modern bathroom, but the toothbrush holder is an integral part to your bathroom’s design.

Why? Because let’s be honest, most of our toothbrush holders are not known for their level of sophistication. Most times, they are just plastic canisters, or even worse…a drinking cup.

This stainless steel modern toothbrush holder by Zack embodies the true modernized fashion you are aiming for. It is simple, clean and yet artfully unique with a rotund, curved frame.

For more, please visit here.

Shower Curtain:

source: allmodern.com

source: allmodern.com

source: allmodern.com

source: allmodern.com

source: allmodern.com

source: allmodern.com

Not much needs to said, these modern shower curtains are so awesome they speak for themselves. And the right shower curtain really allows you to get super creative in your design making.

For more modern curtains, visit here.

Waste Basket:

source: allmodern.com

source: allmodern.com

Trash…you don’t wanna see it, and neither do your guests.

But yet, for some reason, the typical bathroom waste basket is nothing more than a open, plastic tub. It’s there because it has to be. But we need to stop thinking of accessories as objects of pure function, but rather extensions of your modernized vision.

This modern waste basket from simplehuman is perfect for the modern bathroom. Featuring an all steel body, this trash can is simple. sturdy and fits perfectly against any wall with a flat backside. It’s the ideal combination of flair meets function.

For more, please visit here.

Tiber Widespread Faucet SB-1821

Tiber Widespread Faucet SB-1821

And for more on the Tiber™ Collection, and other modern bathroom collections offered by Speakman®, please visit here.

Are there any accessories we missed? Let us know! Be our friends on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to tell us all about it, we’d love to hear!